Cameron G Stout, Founder


COVID-19 is exacerbating the already challenging mental health and addiction issues that confront society, including members of various professions and students.

As the data have become more alarming, a growing number of folks who have struggled with their own mental health conditions and/or substance abuse issues are stepping forward to share their own stories of recovery and hope. Cameron Stout is working on the forefront of those efforts.


Cam is a nationally known financial services defense litigator and mediator.  In early 2013, his personal and professional lives were derailed by a major depressive episode that required that he be hospitalized. Therapies including medication, the love of family and friends, and hard work helped Cam fight his way out of the abyss of clinical depression.

Cam has now shared his story of hope and resilient recovery close to 120 times over the last six years in-person and via webinars to audiences at law firms, Fortune 100 corporations, universities including Princeton, Cal Tech, Stanford, Harvard, and Cornell, and at a number of high schools.

Cam graduated in 1980 from Princeton University, where he was a member of the varsity tennis team. He lives in Princeton New Jersey with his wife, educator Laura Docter. Cam, a cyclist and tennis player, is the proud father of two adult children.


Absolutely fantastic! This session far exceeded my expectations. The speaker was wonderful. It’s a nice feeling to work for a company that is bringing more awareness and beating the stigmas associated with mental health. Thank you so much for putting this on!  

Member HR team of Fortune 100 energy company.